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We live in the now. Speed. Complexity. Movement. Our times are exciting. We want to be ready for any challenge. More than ready.

What we need is the perfect tool, with which we can achieve anything. What we love is to hold outstanding quality in our hands. What inspires us is the spirit of invention, dedication and courage of “Made in Germany" and all the people behind it. What makes us richer are the special analogue moments.

GERONIMOX is like an invitation to trust in your own strength. To discover your own courage again and again. And to enjoy.

In the innermost part of each German tool roll there is a dedication, engraved in a stainless-steel plate. It is a thought from Goethe. If you wish to give a GERONIMOX with your own dedication, you can choose an individual engraving.


We are the founders of GERONIMOX:

the Englishman living in Germany, Robert Holmes, and the German born Heike Peters. We have been working together since 2014, with our great team in the beautiful city of Münster. Our shared profession is design and business building. For many years, we have been doing this for our clients. GERONIMOX is the first time for ourselves.

The idea for the German tool roll arose almost casually on the way back from attending the international tool trade fair in Cologne in March 2018. Robert was looking for a gift for a significant birthday his father, who lives near London, had coming up at the time. A special gift from his son in Germany ... hand tools ... rolled in leather ... Made in Germany ... – the idea was born. And it hasn’t let go of us since.

We set out throughout Germany – virtually and in reality – to find the workshops, tools and materials. We took product development, design and communication into our own hands. We sewed the first prototype ourselves on an old Adler sewing machine, and our leather artisans in Thuringia carried the specialist prototyping further.

There were plenty of challenges. Lucky for us – because each one led us to new and better solutions: for example the design of the tool roll as a hybrid of bag and roll, as well as the folded protective Weather Wrap and the minimalist gift packaging. Now, GERONIMOX is exactly as we imagined it.

We hope you enjoy it.

All the Best to you from Germany,

Robert & Heike

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