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More than ready – for the challenges of everyday life: the German tool roll GX23 home is our exclusive collection of the finest hand tools and accessories – Made in Germany.

01 The Hammer from PICARD

Energy from mass and velocity: the riveting hammer with a three component handle is constructed for the millisecond when the hammer hits.

02 The Saw from PUK

Excellent ergonomics meet optimum efficiency: on the PUK Vario Saw with its large “pistol grip”, the hand and saw blade lie in line with each other.

03-07 The Screwdrivers from FELO

When it comes to the “perfect fit” for screws, more is simply more: slot, Phillips, Pozidriv, Torx – a total of 28 profiles are available to loosen or tighten a screw.

08 The Hex Keys from INBUS

A hexagon, a right angle and a lever – the principle of the classic L-shaped key is ingeniously simple. With the ball-shaped head, it even works at an angle of up to 30°.

Hand tools "Made in Germany" are considered by those in the know to be the best in the world. For GERONIMOX, we have selected our best-of-the-best hand tools from eight German tool specialists. Brought together for the moments in life when the right tool is needed. For people who enjoy holding excellent quality in their hands.

09-14 The Pliers from KNIPEX

Multiple hand force, precise gripping or cutting using the lever principle: pliers wrench, water pump wrench, bolt cutter, long-nose pliers, combination pliers and stripping tool.

15-19 The Spanners from GEDORE

Faster, lighter, more comfortable – “basic spanners” and spanners with reversible combination ratchets are worlds apart, especially in a tight space.

20-22 The Measuring Tools from BMI

There’s nothing special about folding rules & Co.? Quite the opposite! The tape measure rolls out automatically, the folding rule is made of aluminium and the spirit level provides a clear view.

23 The Cutter from MARTOR

It lies comfortably in the hand and cuts almost anything. With the trapezoid blade from the knife city of Solingen, the cutter glides through various materials.

The German tool roll GX23 home contains 23 hand tools from eight German tool specialists:

01 The Hammer from PICARD, Wuppertal

02 The Saw from PUK, Augsburg

03-07 The Screwdrivers from FELO, Neustadt

08 The Hex Keys from INBUS, Breckerfeld

09-14 The Pliers from KNIPEX, Wuppertal

15-19 The Spanners from GEDORE, Remscheid

20-22 The Measuring Tools from BMI, Hersbruck

23 The Cutter from MARTOR, Solingen


The Accessories in GX23 home

The integrated accessory bag contains: nails from BÄR, plugs from FISCHER, screws from SPAX, insulating tape from COROPLAST, hook-and-loop cable fasteners from BINDER, cable ties from LAUREL, gloves from UVEX and a pencil from STAEDTLER.

GERONIMOX is transparently “Made in Germany”. with over 20 indications of origin.

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