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Our 23 best-of-the-best hand tools in a tailor-made tool roll of full-grain leather. Made in Germany. That is GERONIMOX.

For some it is a gift for life, for others above all a privilege. Anyone lucky enough to own a GERONIMOX feels more than ready to enjoy any challenge.

 For many years, the exclamation “Geronimo!” has vocalised what it means to have the courage to go beyond your own limits. A source of inspiration in our times.

GERONIMOX is WINNER of the Red Dot Award „Product Design“ 2020 and the GERMAN DESIGN AWARD 2020 in the category „Excellent Product Design – Luxury Goods“.

There is something to measure, screw, saw or hammer? Perfect

Now any task is more than welcome. Even rolling out of the German tool roll becomes a luxurious ritual.

1.5 metres of warm, soft cowhide leather unfolds, tailor-made in high-end manufacturing quality.

23 top-quality hand tools from the leading tool specialists in Germany are ready for you and the small and large challenges in your home. Hand tools that are probably more precise, comfortable, clever, safe and durable than anything you have ever held in your hand before.
Inside the tool roll you will find the appropriate tool accessories, manufactured in Germany and perfectly organised in a leather case and exquisite pouches.

The GERONIMOX tool roll is handmade by experienced leather artisans from a historic leather-goods company in Thuringia. Here exclusivity has tradition. For almost 30 years  handbags and travel bags have been created there for German luxury labels.

With a unique feel for leather,  each individual piece is cut, split and trimmed, coloured, positioned and stitched down by hand - millimetre precise – with a maximum tolerance of 1.5 mm. Such perfect craftsmanship has its very own fascination.

To touch:

warm, supple leather and velvety-soft nubuck leather. Rich, deep leather embossing. Cool metal with precise lines and edges. Ergonomic shapes and tactile surfaces for the perfect grip.


What is valuable, should be protected.

Therefore, GERONIMOX can be wrapped up in the accompanying Weather Wrap. In just a few movements. Almost like a present. The magnetic fasteners close automatically. Now, the high-quality tool roll is ready to be placed anywhere – even if its rough asphalt, an oily garage floor, in the rain or mud.
The high-tech Cordura fabric used is extremely durable, has a waterproof coating, repels oil and dirt – and is originally designed for motorbike apparel and military vests.

GERONIMOX is the perfect gift. Dark and elegant. Wrapped for those we love.

With black ribbon, the booklet box with it's deep embossing and a ring carabiner "instead of a bow". In addition a personal dedication, engraved in stainless steel.
Discover more about GERONIMOX here:
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