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Press  Release.

Muenster 29th November 2019


GERONIMOX GX23 home in Brave Red. The perfect combination of optimal performance and pure luxury. The unique design language of the hybrid design - half roll, half bag - is characteristic of the German tool roll.

Start-up with a new luxury gift:

The German tool roll


From now on, the best hand tools can be part of a sophisticated lifestyle. The German tool roll is called GERONIMOX and is a collection of the finest tools, rolled in fine leather and from the hammer to the nail "Made in Germany".


Even those who trust in tradesmen need tools from time to time. With the new luxury tool roll, the start-up from Muenster specifically target people who maintain a sophisticated lifestyle. Those who value quality and do not want to fish for a screwdriver in a cluttered box in the dark basement, only to find out that nothing fits.


So the company founders questioned existing issues and answered these questions anew. Why do only professionals use the best tools? Even if only a single screw has to be loosened, GERONIMOX should do it perfectly. The collection comprises 23 tools from 8 German tool specialists, tailored to the challenges in your own home. From the pliers to the measuring tools all are of the highest quality and of course with the appropriate accessories - from the wall plugs to the screws made in Germany.


The same applies to the design: why can't a tool bag look like an exclusive weekender and be fabulously organised like a cockpit? In the tailor-made tool roll made of high-quality, full-grain cowhide, everything is now in its place and ready. The surgical cutlery in medicine and the mise en place in the star kitchen served as inspiration. The principle of construction is visible in the open side view: the tool roll is rolled in the classic way and then folded and closed like a bag. This unique design has already won an award. At the German Design Award 2020, GERONIMOX received "Winner" in the "Excellent Product Design - Luxury Goods" category. The German tool roll is made by hand in a leather factory near Weimar, which has been producing bags and cases for luxury brands since the 1990s.


The founders were consistent when choosing the tools and accessories - as well as when choosing the manufactories and materials. They traveled all over Germany and made their choice under the maxim "Made in Germany and the best of everything". Another question came up: is it still up to date to make the supply sources a secret, as is customary with luxury labels? The start-up decided to consciously make the origin transparent and not only name the large, but also the small companies. A map of Germany with over 20 indications of origin shows, among other things, which tool is forged where and by whom, who manufactures the gift packaging and where the leather is tanned.


Idea, concept and product design as well as brand development come from the minds and hearts of the two company founders. Robert Holmes, Englishman living in Germany, and Heike Peters are designers and specialists in business building. With their communication agency WEG 3 they design new products and brands on behalf of customers and now for GERONIMOX for the first time on their own behalf.


“Today we are all faced with new challenges, regardless of the area. With the right tool, we can enjoy every challenge. For us, this is modern luxury.” says founder Robert Holmes, who as a designer works primarily with digital tools.


GERONIMOX is intended as the perfect gift: for those who already have everything or for those who still have a lot to do, for example as congratulations on completing your degree or on a new house. The young company offers the exquisite tool roll in its own online shop. They are available in the colours Brave Red, Deep Brown and Steel Gray, each with a suitable weather wrap as protection.



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